Taya’s Note: TACK-F Service Family Strong
May 20, 2021
by Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation

The Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation (TACK-F) recognizes and strengthens military and first responder marriages through unique programs and powerful partnerships. TACK-F leads the charge in providing insight and targeted programmatic interventions to offer service members hope, and importantly, statistically significant outcomes when it comes to a multitude of force readiness and wellness issues, especially as it relates to the family.

Last year, more service members, veterans, and first responders died by suicide than by direct line-of-duty actions. A recent study shows 80% of these suicides demonstrate a direct correlation to the disillusion of a marriage or intimate partner relationship. While the “20 a day” statistic of death by suicide for veterans has been publicly known for quite some time, the active duty and first responder population also faces suicide as its greatest enemy. Post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse are often related to a failing, failed, or absence of relationship at all home. These all lead to higher rates of suicide for this population.

A global pandemic, natural disaster response, and safeguarding are people and interests at home and abroad, mean that service community marriages and families are further challenged by the increased operational tempo. Statistics, like the growing suicide rate, fail to capture the people impacted by a life of service.

At TACK-F, we are unifying service community families and saving lives.

2021 brings new opportunities to serve military, veteran, and first responder couples through innovative and meaningful programming. However, we do not do it alone. All this is made possible by our donors, partners, alumni, and team that are a passionate, collective force. Thank you for joining us!