February 17, 2022
by Bree Carroll

TACK-F to Assume ‘Honoring America’s Heroes’ Military Spouse Marriage Program in 2022, Expanding Services and Programming 

February 17, 2022 (Midlothian, Texas) – The Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation (TACK-F) and America’s Family Coaches announced today the transition of Honoring America’s Heroes (HAH) military marriage program to TACK-F, with the goal of ensuring uninterrupted programming and continuity of support for wounded servicemen, their spouses and families.

“We are honored to take the HAH mission forward,” said Taya Kyle, Executive Director of TACK-F. “Through integration with TACK-F, HAH marriage program participants will continue their journey to forge ahead with the tools they need to be more empowered and strengthened as a couple. The program aligns perfectly with our own mission and unswerving devotion to serving the nation’s defenders, veterans, and first responders by creating unique programs designed to heal, enrich and strengthen service marriages and families. We know the married warrior cannot fully heal without healing in the family.” 

Barb and Gary Rosberg are co-founders of the international ministry America’s Family Coaches, as well as respected marriage conference speakers, executive life and marriage coaches, award-winning authors and radio hosts with decades of service and commitment to couples and marriage healing.  “As we are ‘leaning in’ to a new phase of ministry as marriage and family ambassadors, we have worked tirelessly to develop succession strategies for much of our day-to-day ministry across several program focuses,” said Gary Rosberg. 

“As we looked to transition our wounded heroes and their spouses, we chose to partner with TACK-F after deep consideration of several ministry organizations across the country,” said Barb Rosberg. “We knew that under Taya Kyle and her team’s expert and proven leadership, we will be able to ensure that services continue to be provided to the current HAH couples, that the relationships of the HAH community will continue to grow, and that the expansion of HAH to more couples and families through the TACK-F network and relationships will be identified and explored with the highest mission in mind.”

Last year, Executive Director Taya Kyle designated Mariangela Gordon (MS, CFTP, PCC, GALLUP Strengths Coach) as TACK-F’s Lead Coach because of her deep understanding of military and first responder culture from 20 years as a military spouse, advocate and licensed professional counselor in the field. Over the past year, Gordon and Kyle successfully administered TACK-F programs despite the challenges of multiple crises facing our communities, country and world. The Foundation adapted to COVID-19 by providing online gatherings vs. in person which allowed the life-changing, life-saving work to continue. “Our program development model is an iterative, continuous-improvement approach that includes building, researching, assessing, and measuring the impact of our programming,” said Gordon. “At TACK-F we engage in listening directly to the people we serve in order to assist in the evolution of our programs so that we continue to address the current, most urgent needs of our service members, first responders and their families in a timely way.”

Kyle and Gordon will work with the Rosbergs over a two-year period to oversee the HAH transition, with TACK-F administering, shepherding, strengthening and exploring the expansion of the integrated couples program. 

With multiple sequential TACK-F programs under the guidance of a certified coach, couples work to acquire tools that create actual, efficient and iterative change in a couples’ dynamic. “I’ve seen and experienced firsthand the mind-blowing, real change that can occur for our couples,” said Kyle. “The end goal is to give service couples the tools they need to identify their strengths and understand how they work (and sometimes not work) in their marriage.  

TACK-F programs focus on healing and repairing relationships through building personal strength and trust and encouraging self-care and resilience. Importantly, TACK-F programs create a community of service members who support each other in their trials. These small groups are carefully chosen to ensure there is no overlap in spouses who work in the same proximity. This ensures the opportunity for maximum vulnerability and greatly increased efficiency and healing. Through in-person, online and hybrid sessions, military and first responder couples receive facilitated group and peer support as well as one-on-one support from coaches as needed, building a long-term community of care for the participants that lasts far beyond the two years they spend with TACK-F. 

Participant feedback in 2021 showed that through providing impactful hybrid programs consistently, TACK-F continues to meet and exceed participants’ expectations.  “TACK-F continues to answer the call for support to the service marriage,” said Gordon. “We are building a community of service couples and individuals — who might not be in the same physical place – and giving them the opportunity and space to connect, where complete vulnerability and transparency without risk is possible.” These groups form life-long friendships and continue to encourage each other through digital groups they are creating on their own – private Facebook groups, app chats and more. “We have seen a great hunger that these couples have to teach others what they have learned,” said Kyle. “Trauma reverberates through service families in a way that is cumulative and generational. By healing the marriage, you can impact the family for generations to come, carving a new path and creating a new legacy.”

For more information about TACK-F marriage programs, visit https://tackf.org/

ABOUT TAYA KYLE: Taya Kyle is an American author and service family activist. The widow of US Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and founder of the Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation, Kyle is the author of American Wife and American Spirit. In 2020 she launched a jewelry brand bridging fashion and faith, Warrior Collections. She was portrayed by Sienna Miller in the 2014 film American Sniper about her husband’s life.

ABOUT TACK-F: The Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation works to save lives by providing unique tools needed by service couples to save their marriage, their family, and each other.  A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, TACK-F was founded by Taya Kyle to honor the life and legacy of her husband, “American Sniper” Chris Kyle and to fulfill their mission as a couple to give military service and first responder couples the tools they need to support their marriages and families. Chris and Taya knew first-hand the challenges military families encounter from their lives of service. They experienced their own trials as both individuals and as a couple and those of many other service couples. Prior to Chris’ untimely passing in February 2013, he was developing his vision for TACK-F programs to support military and first responder communities. Today, Taya and the team are fulfilling Chris’ vision through the development and delivery of life-changing, impactful programs and services to support communities across our nation.

ABOUT GARY AND BARB ROSBERG: Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg are co-founders of the international ministry America’s Family Coaches, respected marriage conference speakers, executive life and marriage coaches, award-winning authors and radio hosts. Together, they have written over a dozen prominent marriage and family resources and DVD series with almost 1 million total copies in print world-wide. Gary and Barb met at Drake University where Barb earned her B.F.A. and Gary earned his B.A. in liberal arts, Masters of Public Administration (MPA) and ultimately his doctorate in counseling (Ed.D). Following graduation, Gary conducted over 25,000 hours of marriage and family counseling. Today, they are on the founding faculty of the International Christian Coaching Institute, mentoring coaches globally. The Rosbergs are Certified Master Christian Life Coaches and equipping coaches to attain their Master’s Certification in marriage coaching.