Love In Bloom
February 24, 2022
by Bree Carroll

It is no secrete the TACF founder, Taya Kyle loves flowers.  She spends countless hours in her

Nature and life – they echo each other. In marriage we have times of dormancy where we need to be quiet and repair, preparing for a new stage of growth. It’s almost spring – making us think of what we can do to ensure our best growth is ahead of us. 

It is no secret that TACKF founder, Taya Kyle loves flowers not only for their beauty, but what they teach us about life and connection.

Roses are her favorites. “They really do represent marriage well”, Taya says.  There are thorns, beauty, and different needs for different roses.  They require attention but reward us with beauty that has been around since the beginning of time.  They all need to be checked for fungus, and any fungus needs to be treated quickly so that it doesn’t overtake the whole plant. Isn’t that like marriage? Understanding how to care for  a particular rose, with its needs, is what makes it bloom and grow. 

“When you like a flower, you pluck it. When you LOVE a flower, you figure out how to best care for it” – Taya Kyle 

Taya Kyle, TACKF Founder

Sometimes in marriage, like in roses, there are times to prune, times we are surprised with new blooms and times when there is a pause in between bloom cycles. Investing in a spouse, will provide the same results. If you can, take time hopefully in person, but even on the phone if you need to, and explore these questions with your spouse so you can understand their needs. You will be rewarded with a love that blooms and grows in new ways. 

What did you do when you were dating that expressed your love? 

Is that how your partner feels loved? 

Try taking the 5 Love Languages Quiz, created by Dr. Gary Chapman, to determine both of your love languages. Is it Physical Touch, Acts of Service, Gifts, Quality of Time, Words of Affirmation?

Maybe you’ve done the quiz years ago or expressed love at one time or another. Do that again. Water your relationship.

Challenge: For the next month do one thing a day that expresses your love the way your partner FEELS loved. Just one. Note how your relationship has changed.

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