Empowered Spouses
March 16, 2022
by Bree Carroll

Women’s History Month is celebrated annually throughout the month of March.  During this time, we have the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of past and present women who have made significant impacts to the world.  This month TACKF is also pausing to acknowledge the significant contribution our service spouses and members make.  TACKF staff works tirelessly to understand the sacrifices that these women make by walking alongside them in this service community.  We are honoring their sacrifices by highlighting these present day “sheroes” and how we serve them past, present, and future, through our Empowered Spouses Program. 

Empowered Spouses (ES) is a 10-week group program that encapsulates strength, empowerment, and self-care. The group sessions will have no more than 12 women and are facilitated by our TACKF Coaches. Over the 10 weeks, these women engage in peer-to-peer activities, receive assignments to complete during independent time and come together to build a sense of community. As the weeks pass, these spouses begin to understand that they are not alone, and foster trust often not found outside of this intimate setting. The goals are simple which allow for an experience of universality, support, growth within Clifton’s Strengths, and belonging.

When asked what makes this program unique Lead Coach Mariangela states, “Empowered Spouses is an opportunity to share your ideas, thoughts, emotions, and life with other fellow spouses that understand the military, first responder, and veteran service life and their ever changing situation.“  She goes on to express the ability that as a Woman you  can show up just the way you are, not pretending, not feeling different or left out. The environment fosters hope in two ways, one given and one of receiving.

TACKF’s goal for continuous improvement remains resolute that ES,  along with all our other programs, is meant to meet the needs no matter the season of their service marriage. TACKF commits to cultivating a lasting community for all participants and pledges to develop these “sheroes” through all programmatic content. Empowered Spouses is a pillar program for TACKF and one that continues to encourage participants to not just survive but to thrive.

TACKF is proud to serve our amazing service spouses through the Empowered Spouses Program and the entire TACKF program.  If you are interested in applying, visit https://tackf.org/contact-us/ or apply HERE today.