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Online coaching sessions just for military and first responder couples.

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Couples apply and can schedule their first meeting as soon as a week.
8 online coaching sessions scheduled around your needs.

Learn to value each others’s strengths, work as a team, and reduce conflict with new communication skills.

Our trained clinicians understand the rigors of service career families.

Powerful Experiences

“In a service lifestyle, sometimes we’re so busy surviving that we forget to make time to just be together.

This program helps couples reunite and find strength in their marriage. ” 

-Taya Kyle

“We learned more about each other, had actionable insights from a highly trained coach, and capped it with an evening to ourselves.

Our coach was funny, helpful, military family-oriented, and it felt like we had known her for years.

We are appreciative of this program for so many reasons and would recommend it to any couple regardless of where they are in their relationship.”

-Joanna & John

Take the first step towards a stronger relationship.

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Empowered Spouses

Empowered Spouses

Women’s History Month is celebrated annually throughout the month of March.  During this time, we have the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of past and present women who have made significant impacts to the world.  This month TACKF is also...

Love In Bloom

Love In Bloom

It is no secrete the TACF founder, Taya Kyle loves flowers.  She spends countless hours in her Nature and life - they echo each other. In marriage we have times of dormancy where we need to be quiet and repair, preparing for a new stage of growth. It’s almost spring -...

Our Why

Our Why

Remembering the Love of Taya & Chris Kyle This month we pause in remembrance of an American hero, Chris Kyle (April 8, 1974 - February 2, 2013).  Prior to Chris’ untimely passing, he was developing his vision for a programs to support military and first...