Service Family Strong

Honoring the legacy of Chris Kyle, husband and father

Our Mission

Cultivate Hope

We believe two are stronger than one against the challenges of service lifestyles.

Strengthen Foundations

There’s a reason why couples chose each other. We work to reunite.

Share the Legacy

One couple with hope and strength is a light in the community.

Our Impact

Strengthening Service marriages across America

Service Marriage Participants

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Mastering Your Marriage Students

With an evidence-based curriculum, we help couples come together to face challenges.

Proven Tools

Unpredictable Lifestyles

The lifestyles our first responder have chosen entail sacrifices for families as well as the service member. Missed milestones and emergencies challenge the foundations of even the strongest relationships

Time Together

Frequent Separation

Military and first responder couples face long separations and unusual schedules.  We help them create time dedicated to their relationship

Self Care and Resilience

Exposure to Trauma

By the very nature of the work they do, this group of people have seen traumas, tragedies, and violence that take a toll regardless of how strong they are.

Relationship as a safe place

Workplace Challenges

When your work experience often involves trauma and difficult situations, and talking with colleagues who have experienced the same hardships may not be healthy, your partner is important. We give couples the tools they need to be there for each other.

Our Founder

Taya Kyle is an American Daughter, an American Mom and an American Wife that women throughout the world can feel a connection with.  Taya founded the Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation as a way to continue a post-deployment legacy Chris began, aiming to enhance military service, veteran and first responder marriages by providing a variety of experiences that helps them escape the everyday rigors that come with a life of service.

Our Team

Taya Kyle, Executive Director

“In the months following Chris’s death, amongst the crushing pain, I had these moments of overwhelming gratitude that God had given us the gift of lasting love and allowed us to end on a high note of having weathered the storm with love stronger than I could have predicted. I want that gift for every service couple. I want deep love and a joyful family for them to rest in and savor. It makes all the difference in healing.”

Meghan Najera, Chief Operating Officer

“My late Father was a career DEA and my brother a decorated Officer in the United States Marine Corps. I have seen the profound differences, challenges, and impact of living in a service family. Now more than ever I want to serve those Service families who need support, empowerment, and understanding of their marriage and daily lives.”

Mariangela, Lead Coach

After spending 17 years as a military spouse, enduring multiple deployments, living in seven different states, and facing all the highs and lows of military life, Mariangela has lot of experience and insight to offer couples going through some of those same challenges. Mariangela is Gallup-certified Strengths Finder Coach, Nurse, Life Coach, and Family Trauma Professional with degrees in Psychology and Marriage and Family Counseling.

Reana Black, TACK-F Coach

Reana believes that emotional well-being and mental health are critical to a healthy lifestyle. As a military spouse and mother, she understands the need for balance, and she desires to empower other spouses along their journey. Reana is also passionate about multicultural issues, diversity, and destroying the stigma of Mental Health in socioeconomically disadvantaged communities. She has her Master’s degree in Social Worker with a specialization in mental health and trauma.

Our Board

Cecilia Abbott

Cecilia believes strongly in giving back. Her signature initiative as First Lady combines  Texas and philantropy. She calls it “Texanthropy,” and through it she promotes service to others across Texas. Cecilia has also partnered with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services on a similar initiative – Network of Nurture – to raise awareness about the ways Texans can support the children and families in the state’s child welfare system.


“As a brother to Chris in the SEAL Teams, a loving father and husband I am honored to serve those who continue to serve our country. By serving as a board member for TACK-F I hope to support the legacy of Chris and his faithful devotion to the core family unit, the bond between husband and wife. In doing this we support the longevity and resiliency of marriage for those who sacrifice so much for America’s freedom.”

Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey

“Taya’s mission to strengthen military and first responder marriages is a lifechanging act of grace from a passionate patriot. I’ve been proud to showcase military causes as the Executive Producer of Extra-tv.  I’m blessed to be married for 30 years to Gary Dempsey, an air force veteran, who was also a first responder and honored to serve on the board.”

Bill Waybourn

“I believe this nation has become so great and been so blessed because strong marriages are the cornerstone of this country. The foundation is on the tip of the spear of not letting that corner stone be chipped away, they do this by simply engagement the most at risk marriages of first responders and our military in order to restore them to their rightful place of reconciliation. What an honor to be small part of this.”

Committed to our Service Families

Committed to financial transparency