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Service and first responder lifestyles challenge relationships.

We can help.

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Our tested TACK-F curriculum and support provide the tools to help couples on their reconnection journey.


First responder and military couples need support now more than ever. We are creating online events and continuing to work virtually with couples.

Friends to Service Marriages

We cultivate hope. Where one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. Help us provide a “hand up” to our military and first responder couples.

“Service Family Strong”

Military and first responder careers ask a lot of couples. Our four-step program teaches skills to strengthen your unique partnership.
  • Date Night Out
  • Strength Training
  • Empowered Spouses Retreat
  • Mastering Your Marriage

Who We Are

As Executive Director, Taya Kyle volunteers her time leading a national team that continues the life-changing and life-saving work of helping service members save their families.

In the foundation, started on Veteran’s Day 2014, Chris’s legacy as a husband and father lives on.

American Sniper Chris Kyle and American Wife Taya Kyle

Take the first step towards a stronger marriage.

"I am a much better husband and father than I ever was a sniper."

Chris Kyle

“I wish we had the tools we needed to overcome the obstacles of service life much earlier. We could have healed, and helped each other heal, faster which would have given us more joy in the years we were given.”

Taya Kyle

A friend of Taya’s once said, “Taya, you will have friends who will side with you no matter what. I will be better than that, I will be a friend to your marriage and that is the very best friend anyone can have.”

“ We feel like we’re a part of a group who really wants us to succeed and has given us the tools to do so. ”

Josh and Traci,  a first responder couple

Friends of Service Marriages

We are proud to partner with the Gary Sinise Foundation

Sponsor support helps couples reconnect and heal. 

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